Using Music As A Means Of Therapy

Over the past few years, music therapy has been gaining some ground in the medical world. Therapy has been around for centuries, so it is nothing new. What is new is the fact that music can treat communication, stress, anxiety, and behavioral problems.

Music therapy is used for healing certain conditions and problems. It is even used for patients in intensive care. Add to that, the fact it helps you develop certain skills, and you have a winning treatment option.

Music therapy has its roots in ancient Greece, where it was used to help patients deal with mental illness. Today, patients take up music therapy with the goals of better daily management, for their stressful lives.

Music can help bring back confidence in one’s life, as well as improve their self esteem levels. It can give a person peace of mind and even cure certain diseases, although not always.

The mind becoming calm and thinking positively is a sign showing reduction in chronic disease of patients suffering from it through music therapy. Music therapy can cause soothing effect and tremendous healing for critical diseases so it is used along with traditional treatment method.

Music will soothe one’s body and mind. This is the reason music therapy is used in conjunction with other forms of medical therapy.

The benefits of music therapy include that of reduced stress, anxiety, and pain. It can even help to control high blood pressure and the heart rate. Music can help those suffering from cancer or Alzheimer’s disease.

A typical music therapy session will have the patient start off by explaining their likes and dislikes. This will progress to the patient listening in to cds, among other things. The tone and lyrics do matter when it comes to healing the patient.

Listening to positive lyrics can result in relaxing your mind and thinking positively but listening to negative lyrics can have opposite effect. It allows you to listen to your emotions and understand what you are feeling. Slow music is said to cause a soothing effect by reducing heart beat rate while opposite happens if you listen to fast music.

With low levels of serotonin in your body, you are likely to become depressed. When you become depressed, you will become stressed. Too much stress can lead to other problems, so it would be best to indulge in musical therapy which can help to increase your serotonin levels.

Music therapy is not invasive and it doesn’t hurt your body. It only helps to heal your problems of stress, anxiety, and other disorders you may have. In time, you will feel yourself becoming more upbeat and looking at life with a better perspective.

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