Remedy For Anxiety – Part 7

A great remedy for anxiety is not easy to find.. When medication is useless people often seek natural ways to cure anxiety. Here are two methods that work. They are very simple to implement, just read carefully …

* Writing Your Thoughts Down

If you are anxious, you can take a plain piece of paper and write down your own thoughts, just like you would do in a diary. This way you will deliberate your mind, of the bad thoughts, that are rushing and smashing one against another. Imagine as you free yourself from all the worries and fear that threaten your health. Try to believe that will stick to the paper and never harm you anymore. Spill the bad words (worries and fears) out in front of you and make more room for peaceful thoughts, you need them, actually I would say they are vital.

Conclusion : Writing your thoughts on paper will make you realize a lot better what is actually harming you, yet another great remedy for anxiety, by deliberating your mind of the harmful thoughts.

* Hot Baths

Hot water calms and soothes you, just as nice words make you happy. Try to let your muscles relax. You can combine the hot bath with the calming effect of relaxation music and aromatherapy. This technique has been also used in the ancient roman times by people affected by mind related disorders, therefore this is a great remedy for anxiety.

Turn your bathroom into a real SPA. No one should bother or disturb you. Try to concentrate on peaceful thoughts while enjoying the bath and music. Make people understand that you need some peace and quite. Several shampoos, shaving creams, essential oils and aromatic salts contain lavender that have high calming and relaxing effects. I love lavender and I would recommend it as a remedy for anxiety
to anyone.

Conclusion : Hot Baths do not only reduce anxiety, but they help anyone that is affected by stress, depression and any mind disorder. Taking hot baths more often is healthy for your mind and body.

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