Sleep Deprived ? Meditate Before Sleep

Do you keep on turning and tossing in bed? Do you feel extremely tired but still fail to sleep? Do you feel the same fatigue after getting up in the morning? If the answers to all these questions are in affirmative, its time you need to think about your sleep. Sleep deprivation is a very common problem that the world is facing today. The amount of stress and tension in life is steeply rising and the effects of the same are being reflected in the sleeping patterns of people. Without proper sleep, it is very difficult to function properly. There is a sense of restlessness, agitation and lethargy.

The best way to overcome this problem is through meditation for sleep. Meditation CDs are also available that help in the meditation process leading to proper sound sleep. If you go to a doctor for consultation, he might suggest some medications for the problem. But there is no need to pop in pills unnecessarily when there is a natural and more effective way to deal with sleep disorders particularly sleeplessness. There are various techniques of meditation for sleep, which should be done just before going to bed. These are very simple things and will not need much time. You just need a peaceful and tranquil environment.

Meditation CDs are a great way of inducing sleep. Various kinds of soft music are recorded in the CD and that can soothe your nerves and help your mind to relax. This is mainly preferable for people who like a soft music being played while going to sleep. It might be a problem to a person who is sleeping with you in the same room. In that case, you can use a headphone or an earphone and fall asleep in no time. Apart from music CDs, there are a hemi-sync meditation CDs too that have binaural beats recorded in them. These beats are also very effective in relaxing the mind, which helps in deep sleep.

Though meditation CDs are very useful instruments for inducing sleep for insomniacs, there are some meditation for sleep that have a longer effect on the mind and will allow the person to enjoy a sound sleep and wake up refreshed. Abdominal breathing is a way of Meditation for sleep. In this meditation technique, one needs to breathe from the abdomen and full attention has to be paid to the breathing patterns. This can be done at night in a quiet, dimly lit room and while listening to some meditation CDs (some soft music will also do). This helps in complete relaxation of the mind and body thus helping you get good sleep at night. This meditation can also be done during the daytime.

Guided imagery is also a great meditation for sleep. In this, one has to think of a nice place or a scene, which helps him/her to calm down and relax the nerves. There is no fixed thing that one has to think in this. It can be anything and everything. Guided imagery can also be done with the help of meditation CDs. Apply these meditation techniques and go off to sleep peacefully.

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