Spirit Voyage Presents Exclusive Collection Of Yoga Dvds

The term yoga comes the Sanskrit word ‘ yuj’ which means to unite or yoke. Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice that evolved some five thousand years back. Yoga as a discipline helps the individual to merge with Universal Spirit or Cosmic Consciousness. The goal of yoga is the realization of the Ultimate Reality which alone can give a practitioner supreme fulfillment and everlasting peace. This is the essence of yoga practice.

There are many yoga forms and each forms are merely different ways of attaining the same spiritual goal. Kundalini Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Hatha Yoga are some of the popular yoga forms that helps one to attain the goals of mental and physical well being and harmony. Yoga, along with meditation and proper breathing practice not only helps one to achieve the goal of self-transcendence or enlightenment, but also is the antidote to stress and anxiety. Many renowned schools of medicine have considered yoga as proven therapies for many diseases and stress and anxiety.

Music is an extremely important phenomenon in the realms of yoga and meditation. Human body, mind and soul are extremely sensitive to music, sounds and vibrations. Yoga Music and sounds can influence many bodily and mental aspects and processes in a human being. Music soothe, relax and heal. The specific tunes and rhythms of the music used in yoga sessions, induce altered state of consciousness. Just as the yoga music, during meditation, soothing kind of music induces an altered state of consciousness, enabling a person to concentrate. Meditation Music creates a flow of melody that induces concentration in the listening mind.

With each passing day, the usefulness of incorporating music in yoga and meditation has become widely recognised. Many music companies have come up with variety of yoga DVD and CD collection. Spirit Voyage is one of the leading online music store that offers a variety of yoga and meditation music CDs and DVDs. From Kundalini Yoga music to CDs on Sanskrit Mantras, Kundalini Sadhana Music to New Age Celtic Music, Spirit Voyage has a myriad of collection that will lead a listening mind to a mystic high.

The Yoga DVD collection from Spirit Voyage includes DVDs for practicing Kundalini Yoga, Bhangra DVD, General Yoga DVD, Ashtanga Yoga DVD. Pregnancy Yoga DVD and Children’s Yoga DVD are also amongst the myriad collection.

The Kundalini Yoga DVD collection from Spirit Voyage features titles from top Kundalini teachers including Yogi Bhajan, Snatam Kaur, Gurmukh, Shakta Kaur Khalsa, Guru Tej Kaur. These DVDs have the mantras that helps the practitioner with the various yoga postures and often incorporate music and mantra. Kundalini Yoga DVD by Gurmukh, 1000 Years and Beyond by Yogi Bhajan, Yoga In Motion – DVD by Shakta Kaur Khalsa are some of the exclusive Kundalini Yoga DVDs offered by Spirit Voyage.

Spirit Voyage General Yoga DVD includes various yoga practices that focus on building strength and flexibility through correct yoga postures.Yoga Shakti by Shiva Rea, Women’s Yoga and Wellness 3 DVD Set by Shakta Kaur Khalsa are some of the General Yoga DVDs in the offering.

Pregnancy Yoga DVDs comprise of prenatal yoga sets with asanas specifically for pregnancy.Yoga Para Embarazadas / Prenatal Yoga DVD by Natalie Stawsky, Birth Without Violence by Frederick Leboyer, Prenatal Yoga with Shiva Rea DVD by Shiva Rea will be the perfect guide for the practitioner. Prenatal Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for Mothers to Be DVD by Gurmukh and Yoga for Pregnancy by Debra Geymayr are some of the latest inclusion.

Yoga DVDs for Kids will help the children to build up strength, flexibility and spirituality at an early age.ga to children can build health, flexibility, strength. These yoga DVD’s teach yoga through story telling and animation. Incorporating songs and stories, our DVD’s are the perfect guide for the little aspirants. Child’s Play by WAH!, Feeling Good Today by Snatam Kaur are few among the many DVDs that Spirit Voyage offers.

Spirit Voyage Ashtanga Yoga DVDs include Ashtanga Yoga: The Primary Series by Richard Freeman, Ashtanga Yoga Introductory Poses by Nicki Doane and many others. One can also try out the newly released Ashtanga Yoga: Short Forms DVD by David Swenson.

Furthermore, Spirit Voyage offers DVDs that incorporates teachings recorded live from Yogi Bhajan’s classes. These DVDs are compiled by the Kundalini Research Institute, the various series that have been put together here including the I Am A Woman series, the Master’s Touch series and the Foundation Series, as well as a variety of individual DVDs filled with the wisdom and teachings of Kundalini philosophy and technology. These DVDs are the way to hear Kundalini Yoga teachings from the greatest teacher and experience practicing kriyas and meditations directly with Yogi Bhajan.

Spirit Voyage elevates your mind and takes you to a holistic journey, where you may feel timeless peace and experience the divine bliss. Awaken your inner self with sacred and mystic music from Spirit Voyage.

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