Tips To Avoid Stress At Office

Workplace can be stressful, whether you are in office, factory, school or some other place where you earn your living. It can be more stressful for those who face trouble balancing time and tasks effectively. Stress can come from all angles when you are at office or your workplace.
Although little stress is good sometimes as it can make you become more productive and improve your performance. But, too much of stress can cause heart diseases, migraine, acidity, general weakness, etc. It can also affect your performance at workplace and your career as well.
Following these simple tips to help you avoid stress at office:

Identify reasons that lead to Stress: There can be a number of reasons that lead to stress. Identifying these reasons can help you avoid stress in future. Some of them might have an easy solution and can be easily avoided.

Learn to say No: Do not set unrealistic goals for yourself and learn to say No when you know that you would not be able to complete certain task in stipulated time. Ask for help from your colleagues whenever required. This will help you solve problems easily and in less time too.
Learn to be a better Listener: Instead of getting upset when others disagree with you, try to listen better and find areas of agreement. Be assertive, stand for yourself but don’t be too rigid.
Relax and take a Break: Whenever you feel overburdened with work, just relax and breathe deeply. Meditation helps in relieving stress.
Decorate Workspace: Arrange your workplace according to your taste. You can put pictures of your family or friends on your desk. Whenever you feel frustrated see the photos of your loved ones and you will feel relaxed. You can also put magazine clippings, inspirational quotes, jokes on your work desk.
Improve your Time Management: Make a to-do list and plan your work a day in advance before sitting down for work in workplace. This will help you manage time and tasks effectively and avoid stress as well.
Take break from Work: Whenever you feel tired take break from work and move around. Walk up to you colleague or friend to talk in person rather than sending emails or IM. Sitting in same position can cause stress on back as well. Walking around will help you relieve stress from back and also help you rejuvenate.
Listen to Music: Listening to music can also help you get rid of stress and pressure. Select the songs that can help lift your mood. Many companies allow their workers to listen to music while working as music helps to relieve work stress and in turn helps individuals perform better.
Keep yourself Hydrated: Keep yourself hydrated by drinking atleast 8 glasses of water daily and avoid intake of too much tea or coffee.
Read funny mails or watch funny videos: Reading funny emails or watching funny videos on internet can also help you de-stress in office. A good laugh can work wonders in beating stress.
Call Friends: Call your spouse or friends. Chatting with people about other stuff than work can also help you to de-stress and set your mood. You can also play games on your cell phone for a while to recharge yourself.
Find a Mentor: Find a mentor for yourself or friends to talk to. Talking to people can also help ease the tension and pressure.
Keep Personal and Professional Life Separate: The key to a happy and stress free life is to keep your professional life separate.
Get more Sleep: This is the best way to get rid of overall stress. Catch sound sleep for about 7 to 8 hours every day. It not only reduces stress but also ups your energy level and increases concentration.

With these great tips you can definitely reduce stress at office and concentrate more on your work.

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