Why Many People Are Turning To Satellite Radio For Their Music

The two things people love the most about satellite radio are: quality and content. These two things are also the very things that encourage people to go out and buy a new system. So what if it costs $300 for a satellite radio receiver, and another $13 per month for subscriptions. The benefits of satellite radio far out weigh the price!

High Audio Quality

Satellite radio quality is more than just the overall value of the product. It is also how clear, uninterrupted, and flawless the satellite signal is. This new technology provides all the radio you could possibly desire without messy static, and having to change the channel during a commute. The high analog-to-digital conversion means that you can listen to the radio without all that creepy hissing, dead air, and other frustrating audio interference.

The digital quality of the service, in technical terms, is 128kb/s 44.1 kHz. For you technologically impaired and non-number minded folks, that means that when you listen to it, it’s like listening to a CD, only you don’t have to mess with unwrapping it.

Almost Limitless Content

When digital television hit the market, people were scrambling over each other trying to get their hands on it. More of the same for satellite radio, but unlike its visual counterpart, this is commercial free. That means exactly what it sounds like; no one interrupts your listening pleasure to try and sell you acne cream or hypnosis.

Satellite radio content is more than just local radio stations pawning off what other people think is good music on you. With the new non terrestrial radio you can listen to what makes you happy, what puts you in a good mood, what suits you as a person. You don’t have to listen to Hip Hop, Country, or R&B if all you want to hear is Sinatra and the Rat Pack. Content is also where the main two companies are fighting for your favor. XM may offer more of what you want to hear than Sirius, and/or vice versa. Before subscribing you should take the time to find out which one would give you more content for your buck.

Satellite radio is playing dirty. Each company is fighting for the exclusive rights to broadcast certain programs and transmissions on their radio systems. Not only are they fighting for programs, but also people!

Satellite radio is making great strides for its customers. The companies know that if you are willing to pay the money for a receiver, and then pay a month subscription fee, they should be willing to give you the absolute best programming they can offer. So why tie yourself down to earthbound radio stations when you can reach for the stars with the new technology?

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