Writer’s Block – Fun Ways To Generate Ideas

If you enjoy writing your own content but experience writer’s block often, here are several ways to have fun brainstorming. No writer likes a visit from writer’s block; this can frustrate us and even cause great writers to walk away from the laptop for months on end. There are ways to combat the evil of writer’s block and keep our creative engines running smoothly for longer periods of time. You don’t have to be a creative genius to write copy, technical or creative content but it never hurts to foil the plans of that blasted writer’s block.
Writer’s block is almost similar to a full-blown migraine and how we deal with it can determine the outcome for our writing projects. For the professional copywriter or technical writer, the evil blockhead can reduce our productivity, output, ideas and put a wrench into communication with our clients. The best ways to unwind from a hard day of being hit by writer’s block is to sit back and let the mind wonder but as you continue to read, there will be additional ways that can help you break the grip of the blockhead monster.
Let’s examine some fun ways to kick writer’s block out the door! Music is a great tool to relax too and to get inspired, some writers listen to music as they compose content for their clients. They may watch videos or stream music. Some people may doodle or draw to turn the tide of the battle, doodling can free up some mind space. Writers or artistic minds in general may visual ideas instead of thinking in words; these visualizations can help the writer overcome the dry period. Using a coloring book or activity book can also spark the creative flow again. It sounds silly but coloring in a Scooby Doo book can help the mind relax, while your creative spirit can develop a different perspective to a problem.
Free writing is an exercise, where you let the mind wonder and you keep on typing words that just flow. This helps develop a creative sense and direction for those who are stuck on a topic matter. Take a walk, swim, play sports or some other adult exercise can increase the blood flow and help the mind unblock itself. Some writers try writing something different to help ignite the spark of creativity again, a great example a novelist may try writing short stories that later can be made into novels. A poet may try writing an academic paper or a technical writer can try some creative focused writing.
Take some time off to relax, do something enjoyable. Let your mind relax and unwind from the stress of business. There is plenty of fun ways to get that creative writing catalyst back. To get ideas you can brainstorm through the dry spell or to create silly ideas for later use. Have fun daydreaming or create a game, no matter what you do to relax, just have a good time.

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